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Mobility, Managerial Competencies and the Future of Architectural Practice in The 2020’s

January 4, 2023 Paula Cano 0

As the world slowly adjusts to the “new normal,” so too does the architecture industry. Data related to market size and workloads shows that the profession continued to grow even after the pandemic struck. Other statistics show how architects are starting to be hit by the present crisis – such as the fall in full-time work and rising unemployment. While these statistics could take one down a road of despair (or enthusiasm), there is more to the numbers: Mobility, digital and managerial competencies are framing the profession in the 2020’s. Not only as data for the sector to approach the market and retain talent but also as strategies in the face of crises and technologies to come.

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Venice Authorities Install Glass Barriers at St Mark’s Basilica to Prevent Flooding

January 2, 2023 Paula Cano 0

The Italian city installed glass barriers around the 900-year-old church to keep the waters out. The decision was made after near-record flooding in December 2022, preventing a repeat of the November 2019 near-catastrophe that aged parts of the building “20 years in a day,” according to Basilica’s Procuratoria governing body. The temporary structure is fixed until the MOSE system fully works by the end of 2025, protecting the city of Venice, Italy, and the Venetian Lagoon from flooding.

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URB Unveils Plan for World’s Largest Agritourism Destination in Dubai, UAE

December 30, 2022 Paula Cano 0

URB to develop the world’s largest agritourism destination in Dubai, providing food security and to foster sustainability of the local communities, heritage, and cultural landscapes. In line with the city’s ambition of making its rural areas restorative land facilities, “Agri Hub” targets to create 10,000 new jobs across various sectors, including a new agricultural research institute and a public farm for educational and retail purposes.

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New Generations Presents 7 Proposals on “Ecologies for Other Architectures” in Madrid, Spain

December 29, 2022 Paula Cano 0

Looking to reformulate the relationship between humans, territories, and globalization, “Ecologies for Other Architectures” gathered for two days in Madrid emerging international architects to propose narratives on urban environments and their undergoing changes. Curated by Itinerant Office within the network of New Generations, the event featured 7 scenarios, 7 models, 7 narratives on nature, technology, bodies, material transformation, soil, participation, and (no) humans. The event employed recycled material and a fast-mounting strategy to guarantee zero impact.

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Buchan Lead Australian Pavilion Design at Expo 2025 Osaka, Japan

December 28, 2022 Paula Cano 0

Architecture design firm Buchan was selected to lead the design for the Australian Pavilion at Expo 2025 in Osaka, Japan. Under the theme “Chasing the Sun,” the installation will encapsulate Australia’s connection to the land and the Cosmos, displaying its rich culture and diverse arts scene. From 13 April 2025 to 13 October 2025, more than 150 countries will participate in a single location, anticipating 28 million visitors from across the globe.

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Why are Scale Models So Appealing?

December 28, 2022 Paula Cano 0

Ambitious and diverse, models are representative tools non-exclusive to architects. Peculiar fascination with miniatures – and what they tell us about our larger world- extends to all ages, cultures, and purposes. From scaled temples of clay from 200 B.C. found in Mexico, ceramic models carried during medieval Islamic journeys, Victorian doll houses, and LEGOS, models are more than baby buildings. Miniatures unveil the essentials, explain much larger concepts, contain intimate and historical data, and invite us to challenge our known selves and perspective.

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The Salone del Mobile Transforms General Layout and Presents 2023 Theme

December 27, 2022 Paula Cano 0

The 61st edition of The Salone del Mobile transformed its general layout and program, including Euroluce, the iconic International Lighting Exhibition in Milan. Curated by architect Beppe Finessi, in collaboration with Formafantasma and the studio Lombardini22, the new vision for The Salone del Mobile will improve accessibility and the trade fair and user experience. Running from 18th to 23rd April 2023 at Rho Fiera Milano, the 2023 Salone will focus on schools and universities under the theme “Design School.”

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MVRDV and GRAS Complete Phase One of Project Gomila in Mallorca, Spain

December 26, 2022 Paula Cano 0

MVRDV and GRAS announced the completion of five of the seven buildings of Project Gomila in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The residential complex was originally comprised of four existing buildings, adding three new ones for a total of 60 new dwellings and new commercial spaces. The project aligns with revamping the historic neighborhood “El Terreno” as a vibrant and sustainable residential site, home of bohemian nightclubs that hosted iconic musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, and Tom Jones.

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2022 TAB Announces Record Numbers and Extension of Winning Installation Until 2024

December 23, 2022 Paula Cano 0

Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2022 announced record numbers in its 6th edition after 3 months of exhibitions in Estonia‘s capital. Dedicated to the theme “Edible; Or, The Architecture of Metabolism,” TAB 2022 explored architecture’s relationship to food and cycles of decay and regrowth. From installations and a symposium to satellite events, the biennale received in its opening week a record of circa 3000 visitors between architects, planners, designers, and students from more than 20 countries. Due to the successful outcome, the InstallationFungible Non-Fungible” will be installed until 2024 marking the beginning of the 7th TAB.

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Norman Foster Foundation and Arup Deliver Kharkiv Reconstruction Masterplan

December 22, 2022 Paula Cano 0

Norman Foster Foundation and Arup office in Berlin schemed a master plan for Kharkiv, Ukraine, to guide future urban regulations and prepare professionals and industries for the city’s reconstruction. The initiative follows a request from the Kharkiv Mayor to Foster through the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, weeks after the Ukraine War started in February 2022. In collaboration with a local advisory board, the outline has led to the definition of the masterplan approach developed through five pilot projects, including heritage, infrastructure, and rivers.