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Copycat: Why Is Copying a Style Bad for Cities?

May 15, 2022 Marília Matoso 0

CopyCat is the act of emulating something that’s already been created and using it in a different context. Copycats can exist in music, in the arts, in design; but they are not exactly a design inspiration or a style reference, but rather a literal copy with almost no modification of the original work.

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What is Design Justice?

May 12, 2022 Marília Matoso 0

Design Justice is a branch of architecture and design focused on redesigning cities, products, services and environments with historic reparations in mind.

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The Real Problems of Today’s Design

May 10, 2022 Marília Matoso 0

Since the emergence of the design profession, boosted in the Industrial Revolution with the increasing production of objects and the desire of a middle class eager to consume; designers, interior decorators and architects are known as professionals who create spaces and products to beautify the world.