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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Architects?

October 18, 2023 Marília Matoso 0

Will Artificial Intelligence replace architects in their roles? In the May 2023 edition of Building magazine, Thomas Lane suggests that AI has the potential to automate up to 37% of the tasks typically carried out by architects and engineers. This automation, though, is likely to target routine and less creative tasks, allowing professionals to concentrate on more strategic and imaginative aspects of their work.

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What Can Be Done to Make Interiors More Sustainable?

November 28, 2022 Marília Matoso 0

In interior design – and many other design disciplines – it is much easier to be unsustainable. Buying or developing custom solutions for a room often requires less time and research than purchasing second-hand materials or concern for waste flow and the circular economy.

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Tiktok’s Influence in Countrysides and Cities

October 14, 2022 Marília Matoso 0

TikTok is a social network for sharing short videos that offers extensive features to edit them. It is possible to include filters, subtitles, soundtrack, gifs, make cuts and use creativity at will. As with Instagram and Twitter, you can follow other people’s profiles and interact, liking their posts, making comments and even sharing via WhatsApp.

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Redesigning Cities for Women

September 19, 2022 Marília Matoso 0

Have you ever thought that practically all the cities in the world, since the dawn of humanity, were and continue to be created and designed by men? From urban design to building projects, from public transport to chairs – women have not been part of the process of creating everything around us.

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What Is Sensory Urbanism?

September 6, 2022 Marília Matoso 0

Sensory urbanism is a form of investigation of how non-visual information defines a city’s character and affects its livability. Using methods that range from sound tracks and smell maps, wearables and virtual reality, researchers in this area have introduced other senses to urban centers.

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Why We Should Create Cities for Children

August 22, 2022 Marília Matoso 0

In the book Design of Childhood, architect and researcher Alexandra Lange states that children were considered nonpersons throughout almost the entire history of ancient and modern architecture, being excluded from the process of creating urban and interior spaces. This process has caused and is still causing several problems when children reach adulthood, since these children grew up being constantly watched by fear of movement and the eyes of adults.