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The Influence of Gaming in the Digitization of the Built Environment: Interview with Epic Games’ David Weir-McCall

May 7, 2022 Jullia Joson 0

Epic Games operates one of the world’s largest games, Fortnite, and also develops Unreal Engine, the most advanced real-time 3D creation tool that powers Fortnite and is used in industries beyond games. Over the last few years, more professionals in architecture and related fields are using Unreal Engine to bring stunning, photorealistic worlds to life.

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Designed to Disassemble: How Architecture Informs Exhibition Design and Temporary Installations

April 30, 2022 Jullia Joson 0

Architecture in its broadest sense concerns itself with the uprooting of structures that are permanent, cementing themselves within the greater cultural context and history of its humanity, however, where do we place the creation of structures that are designed with the intention to be disassembled. How much meaning and value can these structures hold, knowing they were never designed to last, but to simply take up space for a moment?

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The Future of Chinese Contemporary Architecture: How is China Creating a Civic Culture For a New Society?

April 24, 2022 Jullia Joson 0

A new kind of architecture distinguished by unique regional characteristics emerged in the mid-1990s when in China, architects started practicing independently from government-run design institutes. The leading Chinese architects of this time succeeded collectively in producing a unique architectural body of work when so many buildings built around the world were no longer rooted in their place and culture.

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How Lehrer Architects Are Dealing with Homelessness in Los Angeles

April 15, 2022 Jullia Joson 0

The issue of homelessness is one that has continually been rampant, growing by nearly 17% countrywide year by year. With Los Angeles’ latest homeless count reaching a total of more than 60,000 with nearly 14,000 of these individuals occupying the streets and living in Downton Los Angeles, a call for action was necessary. Lehrer Architects, together with the Bureau of Engineering for the City of Los Angeles, developed an innovative community project by transforming an infill lot into tiny homes for the unhoused Angelenos using prefabricated ‘pallet shelters’.

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Map design and Built Environments in Video Games: Exploring The World of VALORANT

April 11, 2022 Jullia Joson 0

Map design and the significance of built environments continue to be inherently integral to gameplay within the realm of virtual worlds and video games, specifically in the genre of first-person shooters, and Riot Games’ VALORANT is no exception to this. Defying former expectations of its predecessors within the tactical shooter genre, Riot continually endeavors to make fundamental changes to decades of old formulas that have been implemented in practice all these years.

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Architecture in Animation: Exploring Hayao Miyazaki’s Fictional Worlds

April 4, 2022 Jullia Joson 0

Writers in film and animation, specifically pertaining to the genre of anime, endeavor to incorporate varied architectural backdrops to assist them in telling their stories, with influences ranging from medieval villages to futuristic metropolises. Architecture as a subject includes a wide array of elements to study, with each architectural era further inferring its context and history through its design alone. However, in film and anime, all of the contexts behind a building’s design can be condensed into a single frame, powerful enough to tell a thousand stories.

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“Architecture Is Much More Than Art, and It Is by Far More Than Just Buildings:” in Conversation With Francis Kéré

March 26, 2022 Jullia Joson 0

Meet 2022 Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, Francis Kéré, Burkina Faso-born black architect, in an interview about his architectural philosophy, with Louisiana Channel. As the official statement of the Pritzker Architecture Prize notes, “Through buildings that demonstrate beauty, modesty, and invention, and by the integrity of his architecture and geste, Kéré gracefully upholds the mission of this Prize”, continually “empowering and transforming communities through the process of architecture.”

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How Architecture Communicates the Greater Cultural Context: 4 Projects by Studio Libeskind

March 19, 2022 Jullia Joson 0

Polish-American architect, artist, professor, and set designer, Daniel Libeskind, founder of Studio Libeskind in 1989, believes that buildings are crafted with perceptible human energy, constructed with the intention to address the greater cultural context in which they are built. His commitment to expanding the scope of architecture reflects his profound interest and involvement in philosophy, art, literature, and music.

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The Future of Sustainable Housing in Japan: Paving the Way to Net Zero Energy Housing

March 13, 2022 Jullia Joson 0

The tech industry in Japan has continued to serve as a pivotal driving force in Japan, with the whole country being well known for its technological innovations in various industries. As of late, most industries and companies have begun to shift their focus to the topic of sustainable development, with the inclusion of using these very technologies to work towards zero energy goals.