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Riverside Passage / Atelier Deshaus

May 13, 2022 JojoJi 0

On a coal-unloading wharf deserted for years remains a reinforced concrete wall of 90 meters long and 4 meters high. This used to be an untrodden place but was at the center of the energy supply for Shanghai. Nevertheless, since the waterfront had been occupied mostly by factories, residents nearby could hardly get to the riverside and lacked enough communal space. During the process of transforming the industrial site into public space, the existing ordinary industrial component is to serve as a significant historic aspect and a witness of Shanghai industrial civilization, to be unveiled in the new space.

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Wild House / Soar Design Studio

May 11, 2022 JojoJi 0

A stand-alone in the mountains, it’s a 4-floor building for 4, from B1 to 3 floors. Aside from the main house, a small hut, made of steel and yakisugi, is for yoga and tea. Elevated, it becomes part of nature and the tree. The concept of the overall design is based on the impression of a “mountain”, making the space and activities grow organically like the free spreading nature of trees. Taking advantage of the various offset levels of floor heights and vertical extension of the space, we created an interior spatial experience reflective of mountain climbing, where the scenery changes with each turn and corner, thereby changing the mood as you travel through the interior space.

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The Vanished House / Field Conforming Studio

April 17, 2022 JojoJi 0

“The Vanished House” was a work created for the second East Lake International Ecological Sculpture Biennale held in Wuhan in 2021. The venue for the exhibition was Wuhan Shimenfeng Memorial Park, a cemetery with a beautiful environment and a tranquil spatial atmosphere. A place where the deceased rest peacefully, the venue has an ambiance suitable for memorial and mourning activities. “The Vanished House” was created as an echo of this special attribute of the venue. The work presents a house covered in sprawling ivies. A symbol of hearth and home, this house, as detached, leaves a space formed by the wrapping creepers. It is the remembrance of a vanished living space and thus of the people and things of the past. “The Vanished House” is a memorial space that invites visitors to participate in and experience.

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AVENUE & SON Flagship Store / Various Associates

April 3, 2022 JojoJi 0

From street to avenue. AVENUE & SON is a skateboard brand co-founded by four professional skaters in Shanghai in 2014. The brand’s concept “from street to avenue” carries the pursuit of freedom and individuality, typical of street culture. Guided by skateboarding spirit, AVENUE & SON has become one of the global cultural crazes among youngsters with its street culture-rooted DNA and brand concept. In only a few years, AVENUE & SON has accumulated millions of fans and sponsored more than 20 professional skaters at home and abroad. The brand is dedicated to passing on the spirit of “fearlessness, freedom, and perseverance” to the young generation. In such a context, AVENUE & SON’s first flagship store and street structure park are opened in Taikoo Li Qiantan, Shanghai.

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Call for Entries: International Competition for Campus Planning Design and Architectural Schematic Design of Eastern Institute of Technology (Tentative) Official Announcement

December 27, 2021 JojoJi 0

“A Modern Classic” Campus — International Competition for Campus Planning Design and Architectural Schematic Design of Eastern Institute of Technology (Tentative) is calling for entries, planning to solicit campus planning design philosophies and detailed design schemes that are eco-friendly, flexible, intensive, and implementable from the world.

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Renewal of the Workshop of Intangible Cultural Heritage(Ma’s Chair) in Linpan / David Architectural Design

November 21, 2021 JojoJi 0

“Bamboo Linpan(Clusters of forests)” is the most traditional agricultural settlement on the western Sichuan plain, and it has lasted for thousands of years in Sichuan. Bamboo has been used to the fullest extent by the people in the rural “Linpan” settlements of western Sichuan, they consider this material as the essence of life. One of the Linpan’s intangible cultural heritage – the ‘Qingcheng Ma’s chair’ – is a synonym for the Ma family’s handmade bamboo chairs, but with the rapid development of urbanisation and the impact of foreign cultures, this rural intangible cultural heritage is facing the fate of being lost, and it is urgent to save this traditional folk craft. Architect Liu Weibing, together with fellow Chengdu Minjian members Wu Weizhong and Deng Liang, volunteered to design and update the Qingcheng Ma’s Chair Workshop. The newly built workshop, made entirely of handmade bamboo without a single nail, is an effort to promote the interaction between heritage preservation and life enhancement in the ancient village with non-heritage culture.