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How to Bring Walls to Life With Three-Dimensional Solutions

March 14, 2022 James Wormald 0

Statement interiors leave a lasting impression on both frequent and infrequent users, whether with striking pieces of furniture, oversized lighting, or even a bold feature wall. The very best creations, however, don’t need to beg for attention to be recounted afterward, they let praise come to them with a peacocking presence so extravagant, it’s impossible not to take notice.

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Five Rules of Great Scandinavian Design

February 28, 2022 James Wormald 0

Scandinavian interiors and products have had an affinity with design excellence for the better part of a century. Although the local landscape is one of doubtless natural beauty, it remains frustratingly covered in darkness for a large portion of the year.

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From Facades to Furniture: Architects and Designers Using Glass to Create Modern Spaces

February 14, 2022 James Wormald 0

The glass-shatter sound effect has been a mainstay of classic comedy routines for a long time. Whenever a lightweight prop object flies off-screen or stage, it inevitably smashes through glass a beat later. Right now, it’s still amusing, if harmlessly ludicrous, but before long, the idea of a rogue schoolchild’s rogue football shattering through a neighbor’s window will be met only with query and disdain.

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Staircases to Heaven: Ten Ways to Rise Up

January 25, 2022 James Wormald 0

Staircases can seem like an unalterable part of a building’s DNA. Whether part of a new build or a refurbishment, it can be difficult to imagine changing the angle, direction, or even the placement of the stairs, so choosing the right type can be key. Here are ten different ways to unlock that dream interior.