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From Hotels to Concert Halls: 8 Distinctive Projects With Original Bathrooms

November 2, 2021 James Wormald 0

As a room everyone needs to visit, no matter what their social standing (or sitting), bathrooms can be one of the best ways to add character to a project. Used when we are at our most vulnerable, bathrooms are calm, solitary arenas, giving a few minutes of peace in an otherwise hectic environment. So the originality of the user experience can really stand out.

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Questions to Ask When Selecting Flooring

October 19, 2021 James Wormald 0

The style and atmosphere of an interior literally rest on one product more than any other: the floor. When selecting the perfect flooring or carpet to suit a project, specifiers need to consider a range of questions for the room. Various colors, patterns, and styles are available across all materials, so requirements like coverage, traffic, maintenance, and durability —rather than aesthetic— really dictate the answer to which flooring type is right for your project.

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6 Project Interiors That Empower Experiences With Colored Glass

October 5, 2021 James Wormald 0

Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) is a resin known for its strength, flexibility, and optical clarity. When inserted and bonded between two panes of glass, the combination —known as laminated glass— provides a tough, acoustic, glare-, UV- and solar-protective barrier with no loss of transparency. So much so, that its main use is in car windscreens.

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Plug and Play: 7 Flexible Workspaces in the Modern Office

September 28, 2021 James Wormald 0

Office work used to only be done one way. You would sit at a desk all morning, then try not to fall asleep in the afternoon meeting. However, from continent-crossing video chats to team meetings in the park, modern workplaces are using flexible workspaces and practices to lower costs but raise creativity, production, and morale in the workforce.