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“The Art of Pattern is the Legacy of our Grandparents”: Koen Mulder on the Brick Bond as a Composition Tool

September 2, 2021 Fabian Dejtiar 0

Welcome to this strange book. With all the drawings, it might appear like a manual, but it isn’t. The book is as much about joints as it is about pieces. Above all, it seeks the order that is inherent in things“. These words are part of the introduction to Koen Mulder’s book, “The lively surface: Masonry associations as a pattern art and tool of composition”. Available in German, the 160-page manual, rigorously illustrated, presents a universe of possible pattern variations that can be created when you start designing.

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Mallorca’s Abandoned Buildings

August 31, 2021 Fabian Dejtiar 0

A building stands out along the maritime walkway in Palma, Mallorca’s capital. Designed by José Ferragut Pou and completed in 1960, the building was a poster child for the modern architectural movement sweeping the globe at that time. Today, like many of its brethren, it stands in abandoned  disrepair. 

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18 Unmissable Projects by Eladio Dieste in Uruguay

August 20, 2021 Fabian Dejtiar 0

Eladio Dieste, the engineer behind “reinforced ceramic” and double-curved arches marked his spot as one of the most important figures in architecture, not only in his native Uruguay, but in Latin America and beyond. Here, we invite you to take a look at just some of the engineer’s work, from his widely-recognized churches like the Church of San Pedro and the Christ the Worker Church in Atlántida- to his factories, silos, and gymnasiums, all of which form an important part of the region’s architectural repertoire.