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Equipo de Arquitectura: “Our Vision of Architecture Is Primitive and Essential”

May 2, 2022 Fabian Dejtiar 0

Equipo de Arquitectura was founded by Horacio Cherniavsky and Viviana Pozzoli in 2017. From Paraguay, their works such as Earth Box or Intermediate House translate the vision of an architecture that deals with the primitive and essential. One that constantly seeks to integrate the existing natural environment with the artifice, the built. In particular, bringing material sincerity as a design ethic.

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EseColectivo: “The Search for Efficiency Makes our Work in Ecuador Coherent”

April 11, 2022 Fabian Dejtiar 0

EseColectivo is an architecture studio formed by Belén Argudo, José de la Torre, Santiago Granda and Pablo Silva based in Quito, Ecuador. Their interests are focused on experimentation with alternative building materials, with an emphasis on technologies and logic. In their design process, they seek to reconcile low-impact sustainable strategies with the specific needs and constraints of each project, so that their results are heterogeneous and differ in the type of methodological and technical approach.

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El Sindicato: “We Use Architecture as a Tool”

March 1, 2022 Fabian Dejtiar 0

El Sindicato was born in 2014, when Xavier Duque, Maria Reinoso and Nicolás Viteri joined forces against the boss-employee way of working. They stop working for other people. They do their own thing. What they like the most inside and outside the profession. They affirm that it is not, and they do not want it to be, an architecture office, but a life project.