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Home Gardens: Residential Projects That Embrace Agriculture

September 16, 2021 Equipe ArchDaily Brasil 0

Since before the first industrial revolution, sociologists, historians, and urban planners have been addressing the relationship between the city and the countryside, but this debate has become more pressing nowadays with the spread of megacities, typically with a population of more than 10 million people. With more and more people living in urban areas, it is imperative to think of solutions for food production within cities, thereby making cities more independent from rural areas, which have historically been responsible for the supply of food to the entire planet.

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More Than Just a Wardrobe: 15 Examples of Walk-in Closets

September 13, 2021 Equipe ArchDaily Brasil 0

Choosing a home’s cabinetry and furniture is not only about function and storage space but also about visual appeal. Walk-in closets, which are normally located in the master bedroom, are a good example of this. These spaces were usually used only for storing clothes, but modern closets now incorporate more unique features, transforming them into more personal and functional amenities.

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Long-Span Buildings That Defy Gravity

September 3, 2021 Equipe ArchDaily Brasil 0

In architecture, ‘span’ is the term given to the length of a structural component that extends between two supports, or the continuous space created between two pillars of a building structure, and when we think of this element, one cannot help recalling classics such as Lina Bo Bardi’s MASP, Álvaro Siza’s Expo’98 Portuguese National Pavilion, and the Roman Pantheon. However, there are several other buildings with this feature, and recent projects have been using innovative and bold structures to create even more unexpected designs.

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Architecture and Health: How Spaces Can Impact Our Emotional Well-Being

August 28, 2021 Equipe ArchDaily Brasil 0

August 5th is National Health Day in Brazil. Our readers have already expressed their opinion on how psychology is essential to build healthy and pleasant spaces to live in, and for this reason, we decided to explore the impacts of the spatial experience on each person’s well-being, improving quality of life and reducing mental stress. In other words, architecture not only contributes to physical health through ergonomics but also affects our emotional comfort.

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How to Hide TV Wires?

August 26, 2021 Equipe ArchDaily Brasil 0

We are about to start living in a completely wireless world, but in the meantime, many people are looking for alternatives to hide wires creating a more organized and clean space. Therefore, we have provided some tips for those who want to disguise TV cables and cords from other devices to make the environment more comfortable.

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10 Off-Grid Kitchens With Wood-Burning Stoves

August 23, 2021 Equipe ArchDaily Brasil 0

A wood-burning stove (or wood burner or log burner in the UK) is a heating appliance used for cooking. Food cooked on a wood-burning stove tends to have a more intense flavor since it requires a slow, artisanal process that results in more complex dishes. For this reason, these stoves are becoming a popular choice for people who want to create a unique environment for family and friends to gather at home for a delicious meal.

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World Photography Day: Send Us Your Photos!

August 19, 2021 Equipe ArchDaily Brasil 0

A form of artistic expression mediated by a technical apparatus, photography has conquered its place among the arts, being, together with cinema, the one that can most faithfully register reality and, therefore, architecture. From large wooden boxes carrying silver emulsion plates to digital cameras and finally our smartphones, there is no doubt that photography has become more accessible to people, who step by step went from spectators to authors of images.