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Which Building Construction Materials Are Ecological?

June 14, 2022 Equipe ArchDaily Brasil 0

In the current scenario of a climate crisis, thinking about an architectural project without defining ecological guidelines has become practically unacceptable. One of the main emitters of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, the construction sector is increasingly looking for new ways and means that can make works more sustainable and, in some way, mitigate damage to the environment. Thinking about ecological materials can be one of the fundamental steps, but, which materials are these?

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Brazilian Houses: 11 Houses with Curved Walls

June 3, 2022 Equipe ArchDaily Brasil 0

Being square sucks! At least, that’s what the trends of 2022 tell us. The report carried out by Pinterest points out the curved design as the future of decoration, whether in objects or even from architecture. For that reason, we looked for Brazilian residential projects that trace curved walls in their designs. The reasons are the most varied and the results offer a unique composition: as an architectural party, to contrast with the orthogonality of other walls or to create unique spaces.

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What Are the Smart Materials in Architecture?

May 31, 2022 Equipe ArchDaily Brasil 0

Smart buildings are more and more on the agenda. For their elaboration, some materials have been developed to meet specific objectives during their use without the need to be operated by any person or equipment. Self-maintenance, cleaning the air, working with the comfort of space, energy efficiency, are just some of the benefits that can be achieved by adopting them.

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Kitchen Cabinet: 20 Projects in Brazilian Houses and Apartments

May 25, 2022 Equipe ArchDaily Brasil 0

No matter what your kitchen type is, one thing is for sure: the need for cabinets. Designing a project that is functional and can incorporate all the equipment, food and ingredients can be a difficult task depending on the available area. Often, along with countertops and other coverings, cabinets are responsible for setting the tone of this environment, revealing the importance of a good design.

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When Architecture Innovates in Beauty Salons

May 20, 2022 Equipe ArchDaily Brasil 0

Usually, people look for a beauty salon to leave transformed. In addition to the aesthetic changes, the environment itself can trigger different sensations that change the mood of customers. That being said, some establishments hire architects and interior designers to think of ways to innovate their spaces. Relaxing, having fun, surprising, are just some of the actions that can be passed through a project that thinks about different ways to bring comfort to users.

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When the Architect Designs for Communities: 9 Popular Residential Designs

May 16, 2022 Equipe ArchDaily Brasil 0

Housing will always be a theme and challenge for architects. Thinking about it in a way that serves the entire population, including the most precarious contexts, is one of the most complex, and perhaps impossible, tasks to be fully consolidated. Each place and family will always place different priority points on a project, which is why resorting to a standard solution is not ideal. However, several proposals present intervention possibilities that create an intricate seam between the most different factors: basic infrastructure, program, self desires, aesthetics, budget. For this reason, we have gathered here some Brazilian examples of affordable housing, ranging from a single-family house to large residential blocks.

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Architecture as a Transforming Agent: Urban Rehabilitation in Cape Verde

Improving people’s quality of life is one of the biggest goals of professionals in Architecture and Urbanism. When planning cities, creating housing or carrying out a simple refurbishment, we seek to improve the built space regardless of scale. The Urban Rehabilitation of Alto de Bomba, carried out in the city of Mindelo, Cape Verde, arose from the need to combat the precariousness found previously in the place. A project that required the immersion of the team in the daily life of the city and resulted in an inspiring proof of how much architecture can reveal better ways of living the city and acting directly in society. No wonder it received the Work of the Year Award in 2022, chosen by our readers as the winner among hundreds of competing projects.

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Decompression Area: Ideas for Leisure and Rest Environments in the Office

Even before we got used to remote work, some offices were already concerned about the well-being of their teams and how to attract new talent to work in their physical spaces. In this context, the decompression rooms had already become fundamental parts of the architectural program to demonstrate that the company is concerned with encouraging people to live together, relieving everyday pressure and bringing moments of pleasure during the workday. Currently, when many have already returned to the offices, environments like this have become increasingly essential to ensure the well-being of the employee, as well as improve their performance.

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What Is a Sponge City and How Does It Work?

April 21, 2022 Equipe ArchDaily Brasil 0

The climate crisis has accentuated changes in the amount of rainfall, causing droughts or storms with large volumes of water, which result in floods that can cause great damage to urban infrastructure. To combat this, the sponge city is a solution that has a green infrastructure to operate the infiltration, absorption, storage and even purification of these surface waters.

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Emotional Decor: The Trend of Spaces Geared Towards Emotion

April 13, 2022 Equipe ArchDaily Brasil 0

What would a project be like if user emotions were part of the program? Planning environments that can accommodate different sensations is, according to Pinterest Predicts 2022, one of the decoration trends for the coming years. More and more people have been looking for ways to set up rooms that provide the apotheosis of their feelings, no matter if the goal is to be more calm, express their anger, listen to music or a leisure activity, the focus of the so-called “emotional decor” is on make emotions flow freely and safely.