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The Building of the Year Awards 2023 Trophy

April 5, 2023 David Basulto 0

“With the growth of the Internet, images of architecture found a new channel for distribution. Architects in even remote geographies were tapping into a new global circulation of architectural ideas and architectural recognition. Architecture blogs such as ArchDaily started to change patterns of production and consumption of architectural knowledge […] Crowdsourced awards such as ArchDaily’s Building of the Year have changed the global map of rewarded offices and buildings.” – Shawhin Roudbari, in the paper Crowdsourced and Crowd-Pleasing: The New Architectural Awards and the City.

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Gus Wüstemann: How to Provide Quality Living Spaces With Less Resources

March 29, 2023 David Basulto 0

With offices in Zürich, Barcelona and Majorca, the work of Gus Wüstemann Architects is a constant evolution between matter and context. From the strong heritage of timber and concrete construction in Switzerland, to the blurry boundaries of inside and outside found in Mediterranean architecture, Gus’ work always put an emphasis on the core values of the local construction and craftsmanship, mixed with the cross learnings of working across different regions.

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ArchDaily New Brand Image

January 13, 2022 David Basulto 0

When we started ArchDaily 14 years ago, we wanted to represent it through the archetypal image of a building, in an isometric view, blue color. After a quick sketch, we had the first version of our logo, which iterated throughout the years, adapted to diverse applications from wooden trophies to stickers, becoming a staple brand among architects.

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ArchDaily: 2022 and the Evolution of Architecture

January 2, 2022 David Basulto 0

After a 2020 that will be remembered as a point of inflection for our global society, 2021 only reminded us that the fast phase of change was here to stay, and that a new attitude towards the way we see and embrace the world was needed. A challenge that we took with optimism.