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The Young Old House / Enrique Espinosa + Lys Villalba

September 11, 2023 Daniel Tapia 0

The territory of Cercedilla, a municipality located 57 kilometers from Madrid in the Sierra de Guadarrama, has been shaped by the three countryside-to-city migrations of the last decades. During the past decade, a new type of rural inhabitant has emerged, who is at the same time urban: a population that returns to the countryside without having left the city.

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Next Level / Brigitte Weber Architects

March 22, 2023 Daniel Tapia 0

The axis of the Eskişehir-Konya roads transforms this area of Ankara into the city’s most rapidly developing and valuable part. This north-south & west-east intersection point on the main transportation arteries has at the same time developed into an urban space where not only the business world and social life meet at this center, but also attracts people as a new and trendy residential area. Next Level has been designed as the Turkish Capital’s first mixed property project and comprises offices, residences, and a shopping mall. The design of the Next Level is inspired by its strategic location and reflects the region’s vigorous development and active life in the general layout and the facade of its buildings.

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Niamey 2000 / united4design

February 9, 2021 Daniel Tapia 0

Niamey 2000 is a 1700 square meter (18,000 ft2) housing development that was designed in response to the current housing crisis occurring in Niamey, the capital of Niger. By increasing density, the project proposes a new model for urban housing.

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Architecture Faculty in Tournai / Aires Mateus

January 17, 2021 Daniel Tapia 0

The project occupies the interior of a historical city block where buildings from different identities and periods coexist. There are two industrial buildings and a convent that has been used as a hospital. The new building is positioned in order to bond together each of these structures and to define new external spaces.

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Pueyrredón 1101 Building / Estudio Pablo Gagliardo

January 16, 2021 Daniel Tapia 0

Residential building located at the intersection of two tree-lined and busy streets, a few meters from the main avenues and university centers of the city of Rosario, with an ideal environment for young people and students. The corner land, with north and west orientation, and the city regulations allow the total occupation of the lot, ventilating all the rooms to the two fronts.

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Nochebuena House / Dionne Arquitectos

December 19, 2020 Daniel Tapia 0

Casa Nochebuena is located in the city of Teziutlán, Puebla, on a privileged irregularly shaped lot, which set the conditions of the project and clearly marked the main objective, which was to optimize the construction areas taking advantage of the shape and views offered by the lot.

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Cubic Houses / ADEPT

December 13, 2020 Daniel Tapia 0

ADEPTs recently completed Cubic Houses in Copenhagen, DK shows a playful residential complex that breaks down the scale of a large building volume while offering a generous variation to the in-progress development of a new neighborhood.

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Multi-Sport Pavilion and Classroom Complex / Alberto Campo Baeza

December 6, 2020 Daniel Tapia 0

Designed for the campus of the Francisco de Vitoria University in Pozuelo (Madrid), the building houses a sports center and classroom complex. It includes the use of sports halls, multi-purpose rooms, a gymnasium, swimming pool, physiotherapy, etc. The sports complex can also be used as a large multi-purpose area and meeting hall, facilitating a range of university activities.

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Office Premises for Czech Promotion / Kurz architects

December 1, 2020 Daniel Tapia 0

The task to move the Czech Promotion communication agency in a mere three months from the famous Winternitz Villa by Adolf Loos to the unreconstructed premises of Karlín Palace with its own, albeit not as famous, history seemed fatuous, even naïve at first. Yet it was the time pressure which shaped the design itself, as well as the method of collaboration with the client and contractors. Purely a concept specified and defined the start of the process, leading to the overall unified vision, which prevented any subsequent disagreements or delaying discussions over individual parts of the proposal.