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Call for Entries: Let’s GetInvolved

January 6, 2022 ArchDaily 0

At ArchDaily, we are constantly exposed to the work that many organizations and architects do to help local communities worldwide. We therefore wanted to broaden our reach and use our platform to try and support NGOs that rely on architecture and construction in their mission; spreading the word and connecting them with active members of our global community. 

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ArchDaily Professionals: Highlighting the Best Collaborators Involved in the Best Architecture

October 27, 2021 ArchDaily 0

After over a decade curating the best architecture, at ArchDaily we know that no one builds alone. Shaping our built environment demands close collaborations and partnerships between architects, designers, and hundreds of other professionals committed to each project. This is why it is time to recognize and highlight the best collaborators responsible for delivering the best architecture, while we continue delivering valuable knowledge related to the different disciplines within our community.

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Best Drawings of 2020

January 27, 2021 ArchDaily 0

ArchDaily is continuing a six-year-long tradition of celebrating the best architecture drawings of the year. The 2020 edition highlights a carefully-curated collection of architectural drawings and visualizations with a wide variety of techniques and representations, all orientated towards a common goal of sharing ideas, visions, and designs.

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Call for Submissions: ArchDaily’s 2020 Young Practices

October 20, 2020 ArchDaily 0

Humankind is at a crossroads. A climate crisis that threatens ecosystems and rises social instability. A fast-growing population leading to Earth’s resources being consumed faster than ever. A still in progress global discussion about racial and gender issues. A technological revolution disrupting societies and markets —including the design and construction field. And an economic and pandemic crisis as a stress test for all of us.

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The Humanitarian Works of Shigeru Ban

May 12, 2020 ArchDaily 0

2014 Pritzker Laureate Shigeru Ban may be as well known for his innovative use of materials as for his compassionate approach to design. For a little over three decades, Ban, the founder of the Voluntary Architects Network, has applied his extensive knowledge of recyclable materials, particularly paper and cardboard, to constructing high-quality, low-cost shelters for victims of disaster across the world —from Rwanda to Haiti, to Turkey, Japan, and more. We’ve rounded up 10 projects of his humanitarian work, explained by Shigeru Ban Architects themselves.