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Landscaping Ideas for Courtyard Houses

September 22, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

The advantages of a courtyard house are well known. In addition to bringing closer contact with the outside from the inside, it substantially improves comfort by providing more natural lighting and ventilation. This typology goes through time being reinvented from different ways of thinking not only its architecture, but also the landscaping of its external area. Therefore, we have gathered different ways of conceiving the garden and other elements that can make up that space.

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How to Take Advantage of Stairs for Different Uses?

September 16, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

Vertical circulation may be just one of the functions of a ladder. Always occupying a reasonable area, this element can serve to bring some other uses when it is thought of in a more integrated way with the entire room, providing living spaces, storage and also a greater aesthetic appeal. That is why we have gathered some ideas on how to occupy the areas around a staircase in different projects: from home to industrial scale.

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Living Rooms: 10 Layouts in Brazilian Apartments

September 14, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

Designing a living room is not just about deciding on the sofa and rug set. Often, because it is the main environment of the house, it is connected with other programs of more public use, such as kitchens and offices – or even private, such as dormitories, in the case of apartments with a reduced area -, therefore, in order to conceive greater spatial flow, it is necessary to think of different strategies that help design a more comfortable and pleasant space.

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Shelves and Cabinets: 20 Creative Examples

September 13, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

The design of cabinets and shelves is fundamental for the composition of the interior of a house. Their functions can be the most diverse – home libraries, storage, artwork and decorative elements display -, but with a little architectural ingenuity it is possible to make them protagonists, adding not only an aesthetic value to the room, but making the environment more versatile. Therefore, we have separated some tips and references to inspire your next project.

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Before and After: 5 Refurbishments in Brazilian Houses

September 9, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

If we previously brought in before and after plans of apartment refurbishments, we now focus on residential projects that have received needed improvements. In addition to the plans, the information contained in the memorial of each project helps to better understand the attitude taken in each architectural design. After all, each work brings with it different demands: deadlines, budgets, legislation and pre-existing conditions.

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Before and After: 10 Refurbishments in Brazilian Apartments

August 29, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

Usually, refurbishments are to completely change a space or, in a more surgical way, to bring about improvements in mobility and privacy issues. No matter the number of walls to be demolished, coatings to be replaced and joinery to be designed, the result is always looking for a more functional and beautiful space. In the case of apartments that usually have standard floor plans, intervening in them is also a way of bringing a unique and more personal character to each home.

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15 Open Kitchens That Connect the Inside With the Outside

August 23, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

The kitchen emerges as an environment that permeates several issues within domesticity. Ranging from a workspace to a welcome meeting table, this area has evolved a lot over time: more functional designs and different materials and textures that have improved the gastronomic experience. and, more than that, it stopped being an indoor environment to open itself to the outside, exploring through permeability a better quality of light and bringing greater pleasure to those who occupy it.

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Ideas for Balconies: Enlarging the Living Area in Apartments

August 18, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

Outdoors, balconies gained even more importance after the period of social isolation we went through. A space in contact with the outside, which brings lighting and ventilation to the apartment, but which can also be used in different ways to improve the layout and bring more comfort to the living environment.

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What Are Ecological Fireplaces and How Do They Work?

August 13, 2022 ArchDaily Team 0

Bringing fire indoors is something many people want during winter. In addition to warming the environment, fire creates a unique sensation that goes back to the beginnings of human habitation, leading us to a certain emotional comfort. Before, a chimney and a stock of firewood were needed to guarantee this, nowadays there are ecological fireplaces, which can be built-in or portable: a great choice for those who live in apartments or do not like the smoke generated by the fire.

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