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What Is an Urban Oasis? Combating the Excessive Heat of Cities

December 11, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

We are on the brink of concluding the hottest year in the past 125,000 years. Recently, elevated temperatures have adversely impacted the daily routines of a significant portion of the population, particularly those who spend most of their day outdoors without access to air-conditioned environments. Excessive heat stems from various sources, both natural and human-induced. Given the grim outlook on this matter, it becomes imperative to explore structural measures to address and mitigate the potential deterioration of public health caused by escalating temperatures.

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How to Choose Colors for Your Apartment Walls? Explore Various Brazilian Examples

November 28, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

Choosing how to paint your apartment can significantly impact its atmosphere and visual appeal. While it may be tempting to stick with the comfort of white walls, considering different colors can enhance your everyday life and make your home more vibrant. To help you navigate the many possibilities, we’ve gathered some tips for creating a more colorful and personalized living space.

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How to Make the Most of Double-Height Ceilings in Residential Architecture: Explore Various Examples

November 22, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

Double-height ceilings, commonly found in museums and industrial warehouses to accommodate large objects, offer both aesthetic and functional advantages. This concept seamlessly translates to residential designs, where these ceilings are often strategically placed near social areas or stairs. By doing so, they enhance the overall space, increase illumination, and add an impressive sense of height. In this context, we present examples to illustrate how to maximize the benefits of double-height ceilings in your home.

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Can Architecture Fight Intolerance?

November 20, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

Respecting others seems like something still distant from prevailing in humanity. In a world where news bombards us with various forms of violence, it is always necessary to find ways to recognize the worth and dignity of each person and to respect differences. We need to cultivate tolerance towards what we don’t know, and in this regard, architecture can be an important ally.

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Tie Rods in Brazilian Architecture: From Furniture to Urban Infrastructure

October 31, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

Tie rods are integral in structural engineering, primarily for transmitting traffic loads and alleviating compression forces within a structure. These slender components, resembling cables or metal bars, offer seamless integration into a space, lending themselves to visually appealing designs through repetition. They have applications ranging from furniture design to large-scale urban infrastructure projects, including suspension and cable-stayed bridges.

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Refurbishing Buildings Haunted by the Past: 7 Places to Visit in São Paulo

October 26, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

World Tourism Day is observed every year on September 27th. Tourists create itineraries based on a wide range of interests, such as architecture, gastronomy, or natural beauty, which are the most common choices. However, some travelers seek out hints of mystery and places with haunting histories. In a city as rich in stories as São Paulo, it’s not hard to discover locations with a past marked by unsettling events, which have now been repurposed into cultural attractions, enriching the tapestry of the city’s society.

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Sustainability and Innovation in Ephemeral Architecture: 15 Wooden Pavilions

October 20, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

Throughout the modern era, pavilion architecture has consistently reflected cutting-edge architectural trends. These temporary or semi-permanent structures, often featured in exhibitions, fairs, cultural events, and sports gatherings, provide a platform for exploring new materials and design concepts. Pavilion designs are intended for easy assembly and disassembly and are typically used for short durations, making it crucial to consider reducing environmental impact without sacrificing aesthetics and innovation. In this endeavor, wood emerges as a key ally.

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7 Renovation Projects Featuring Structural Reinforcements for Expanding Spans

October 19, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

In many cases, when working on a renovation project within an old building, architects often encounter segmented floor plans, spaces without natural light, and complex layouts that hinder the seamless flow required in modern living. Consequently, architects typically opt for targeted demolition, removing specific walls during renovations. This solution can address several of the problems encountered but demands meticulous planning to ensure the structural integrity of the building. When it comes to scenarios like these, structural reinforcement is one of the most commonly employed methods.

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Architecture With History: 7 Brazilian Houses That Respect the Layers of Time

October 5, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

More and more, the field of architecture is shifting its focus towards revitalizing existing spaces. This shift is motivated by various factors, including concerns about sustainability, cost constraints, and the scarcity of available land in rapidly expanding urban areas. It presents an opportunity not only to renovate buildings but also to engage with the layers of time. This intricate task involves fostering a dialogue between contemporary and historical materials, acknowledging traditional construction techniques, and even uncovering hidden aspects of history and geography within the built environment to create truly unique architectural experiences.