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Translucency in 7 Projects of Contemporary Brazilian Architecture

March 17, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

The use of translucent materials in Brazilian architecture has been a growing trend in recent years. Translucent laminated glass, polycarbonate and acrylic are just a few of them. They have different advantages and disadvantages regarding cost, impact resistance, and thermal and acoustic insulation. What outlines the common benefit between them is the constant dialogue they provide between interior and exterior.

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In the Hood: 11 Projects Built in Favelas and Peripheral Neighborhoods

March 8, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

It is rare for houses in favelas to be recognized for their architectural qualities. In the history of the ArchDaily Building of the Year Award, this has happened only twice: in 2016 with Vila Matilde House, by Terra e Tuma Arquitetos, and in this year’s edition with House in Pomar do Cafezal designed by Coletivo LEVANTE. Located in Belo Horizonte, the house was built for the musician and cultural manager Kdu dos Anjos, who prefers to call it “my shack”.

In both cases, the reduced area, simple materials and modest budget were not impediments to a virtuous architectural project that took full advantage of the qualities of the surroundings and the terrain’s orientation, proving that limitations can serve as an impetus for higher quality projects.

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Hexagonal Plans: Geometric Sets in the Architectural Composition

March 7, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

Despite not being found in nature, right angles are the most used by architects. In the search for more functionality and practicality in construction, squares and rectangles emerge as the main option when designing. On the other hand, several vernacular and ancestral architectures adopted arches and circular plans as a solution. The game of geometric shapes in the architectural composition is vast, but we cannot forget a polygon that also stands out: the hexagon.

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Brazilian Houses: 6 Residences With a Mixed Structure

March 3, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

There are several constructive technologies to configure the structural system of a building. From the 1960s onwards, the adoption of techniques that enabled the interaction between different materials became increasingly common, diversifying the design language and seeking the main advantages each element has to face certain situations. Over the years, some mix concrete, wood, stones or steel.

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Last Day to Vote for the ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards

February 21, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

We invite you to participate in the ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards. We ask you to recognize and reward the projects that you feel are creating the largest impact in the built environment, that ArchDaily has published on our projects database in 2022. By voting, you form part of an interdependent, impartial, distributed network of jurors and peers that has consistently helped us celebrate architecture of every scale, purpose, and condition, from countries large and small, and architects of all descriptions. Already 4000 projects have been filtered down to just 75 finalists – representing the best in each project category on ArchDaily.

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Tiny Green Spaces in Brazilian Apartments

January 31, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

One plant makes all the difference with its color, texture, movements, and the celebration of its flowering. The green inside the homes offers several benefits. However, besides knowing which species are easier to grow, looking for more effective ways to blend the plants with the room can enhance the spatial experience. That is why we’ve selected some tips for placing the vases and planters around the house (or not).

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Rest on the Beach: 5 Hotels on the Brazilian Coast

January 23, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

Summer, school holidays, and the desire to swim in the sea. A visit to the Brazilian coast at this time of year is a great idea for a variety of reasons. Thinking about its vast diversity, we selected some hotels arranged in different states that, in their projects, bring different ways of dialoguing with the context but also give comfort and leisure to their guests.

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6 Ideas to Create an Amazing Shower Experience

January 19, 2023 ArchDaily Team 0

In a world that increasingly demands more from us, for many people the bath goes beyond a moment of hygiene. It can give you a few minutes to relax after a long day at work and recharge your batteries. Therefore, more and more people are looking for spaces that escape the usual when it comes to bathroom design. Showering can become a pleasurable experience that allows a momentary escape from everyday tasks, as the projects selected below can demonstrate.