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Casa de arce / A.LUGAR

September 23, 2022 Agustina Coulleri 0

The essence of the house was to find a balance between nature and architecture through durable materials that would allow this constant connection. The main task of the couple that was going to inhabit the house was to find a refuge from the dynamics to which they are accustomed in a city. They searched for peace, nature, silence and freedom.

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Landmark Hotel / Plan:b arquitectos

September 22, 2022 Agustina Coulleri 0

Faced with a regular urban layout of elongated blocks, a narrow lot and strict regulations on heights, overhangs and setbacks, we proposed a building that crosses the block from north to south, creating a “U” shaped floor plan and leaving a central patio. open to the existing pedestrian walkway on the western side. In this way, the building offers the city a new semi-public space, simultaneously generating adequate lighting and natural ventilation conditions for the rooms without a façade facing the street.

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Guayabamba Cabin / Rama Estudio

September 14, 2022 Agustina Coulleri 0

The land is located in Guayllabamba, a rural parish one hour away from Quito’s city, characterized by being a green spot within a dry valley. The request. A couple conformed by a historian and a film director, in the post-pandemic stage, they saw the need to find and build a space to disconnect from the city and reconnect with nature, a space to rest and work during periods of isolation and weekends also. In their family land, full of vegetation and must of it avocado trees, they found the ideal place to establish their new space.

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House TO / Ludwig Godefroy Architecture

September 13, 2022 Agustina Coulleri 0

Casa TO is located in La Punta Zicatela, a place on the Pacific coast of golden sunsets, where the sea, the sand, and the cliffs form a unique panorama. A discreet oasis of unusual architecture to immerse yourself in a state of absolute reflection.

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House in Costa Brava / GCA Architectes

September 7, 2022 Agustina Coulleri 0

The main challenge of the project was to adapt the building to the terrain in order to minimize its visual and environmental impact. Taking advantage of the sloping topography and sparser tree cover, the house is located in the highest part of the terrain. 

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Infinite Openness / PPAA Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

September 6, 2022 Agustina Coulleri 0

While thinking of a home for the future we looked back on what we have lost. Homes of tomorrow need to respond to an urgent need for sustainability and values enhanced by the technology available. Architecture needs to regain the idea of presence, of being part of a place and time. It has always been related to its context, the available resources, and local construction method, all of this should continue to be an essential part of it even though nowadays material can travel around the globe. Using local resources and construction methods the project gains a sense of place and a true relation to its natural and artificial surroundings.

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Raem House / Pezo von Ellrichshausen

August 24, 2022 Agustina Coulleri 0

Sitting on a gentle slope, overlooking distant vineyards on a narrow valley, there is an outdoor room with some indoor spaces adjacent to it. This is a hidden room that contains a dry garden, some boulders, and rainwater. It is partially covered by four curved slabs, each one of them supported by a bold central column.

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Jota House Extension / Albina, Rossini & Deserio

August 22, 2022 Agustina Coulleri 0

The project consists of the renovation and expansion of a duplex-type house located in the City Bell neighborhood, La Plata. The goal was to achieve better spatial dynamics, and have more space for family use. We decided to extend towards the back of the plot, moving the kitchen from where it was, and generating new space for the dining room.