This New Documentary Series Seeks to Bring Knowledge to Architecture Students

Architecture, Form, and Energy is a documentary series featuring 6 interviews with architects and intellectuals from the United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia, and Mexico. The series seeks to disseminate information that inspires contemporary architectural evolution, from the impact of climate on a place, finding inspiration in nature, the relationship between form and energy, selecting the right materials, and appropriate technological application.

This project was initiated by Biomah and Raúl Huitrón Architecture, and sponsored by USG. A joint effort between the two companies, the series features interviews from leading designers in sustainable architecture: Sir Nicholas Grimshaw (Grimshaw Architects, UK), Daniel Libeskind (Studio Libeskind, USA), Ken Yeang (TR Hamzah & Yeang, Malaysia), Stefan Behling (Foster + Partners, UK), Piers Heath (Foster + Partners, UK), and Raul Huitrón (BIOMAH – RAÚL HUITRÓN Arquitectura, Mexico).

This series is intended for architecture and engineering students, architects, urban planners, researchers, builders, developers, and the general public interested in these topics. Each chapter will be presented and uploaded approximately every 20 days on all digital platforms for free. 

Watch the first three episodes below:

1.- Architecture and Climate

2.- Inspiration and Nature

3.- Form and Energy