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Renovation of the Priorat / Atienza Maure Arquitectos

March 20, 2023 Valeria Silva 0

Context. The project consists of the rehabilitation of a Castilian mansion from the s. XVI had burned in a fire in 2011. Only the stone walls, the staircase with a vault, and the voussoirs of the collapsed arches remained. The building had formerly been used as the residence of the prior of the Monastery of Oña.

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House JC / Bakermat atelier voor architectuur

March 18, 2023 Elisabeth Kostina 0

The ground floor of this typical Flemish townhouse consists of an entrance hall, and garage with an adjoining room furnished as an artist’s studio. The house had a typical extension with a kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. The degraded condition of this cramped extension became a strong argument for tearing it down. Instead, a new extension over the entire width of the main volume offers space for a dining room and kitchen. The artistic residents desired a strong graphic design for the expansion. Their dream was an extension with a reflection of their personality: colorful, graphic, dynamic, and daring.

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Farmhouse Transformation / Wenink Holtkamp Architecten

March 14, 2023 Andreas Luco 0

This typical dutch long-gabled farmhouse is located in a protected village and has cultural and historical value. For the renovation, we designed the farmhouse in such a way that towards the village, the historic appearance is preserved and strengthened, but towards the spacious and deep backyard the building unfolds as a modern villa. Both on the outside and on the inside, a contrast has been applied: between historic and contemporary, between seclusion and openness.

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Glass Brick Dwelling in Bayi Village / XAUAT

March 13, 2023 Collin Chen 0

The Original Appearance of The Dwelling. The dwelling is located in Bayi Village, Linwei District, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province. It was originally built around 2000 as a one-story flat-roofed building with a masonry structure with internal beams and structural columns. The safety inspection and identification of the dwelling structure showed that the safety performance of the building met the current code requirements, but due to years of no occupancy, there were problems such as water seepage from the roof, poor indoor ventilation and lighting, and mold on the interior walls. The owner wants to renovate and expand the dwelling, increase the functional units, continue the sloping roof form of the Guanzhong vernacular dwelling, retain the courtyard greenery, and control the construction cost.

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Before & After – An Extension Adds New Living Space For This Home In London

March 10, 2023 Erin 0

Bradley Van Der Straeten Architects has designed the contemporary renovation and addition for a Grade II listed terrace home in the London borough of Islington. The original house, which is spread over three floors, was in poor condition and had lost its charm and original features, such as the covings and skirting boards. The property […]

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Bradbury Works / [Y/N] Studio

March 10, 2023 Pilar Caballero 0

Bradbury Works in Gillett Square, Dalston, has now re-opened its doors to new and returning tenants. The new building includes the refurbishment of 600m2 of existing affordable workspace, the replacement of ten mini retail units, and the provision of almost 500m2 of extra workspace in a two-story extension. Bradbury Works is the next step in the evolving story of one of the most unique and community-focused public spaces in the capital.

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Langdon House / Estudi E. Torres Pujol

March 5, 2023 Valeria Silva 0

It is about the reform of a house where the trace of the past coexists with the present, with enough flexibility in its new spaces to respond to possible changes in a future that is always uncertain. The assignment consists of transforming a pediatrician’s office into a home for a family of two adults, two girls, a dog, and a cat.