Reposeful Interiors Fitted With Custom Furniture

Visualised by Product Wish Design, these five modern home designs are reposeful in their understated neutral palette and pared-back minimalist decor style. Each home interior is fitted with sleek custom furniture designs that create streamlined room layouts and plentiful storage opportunities. Clean white paintwork, natural wood grain, dapples of uplifting greenery, and soothing beige elements make a calming balance of decor tones. Within these restful surroundings, personalised touches shape the flush-fitted furniture to instil unique character and unexpected interest. Contemporary accent chairs, wall art, textured wall panelling, illuminated shelving, perimeter lighting and beautiful modern pendants are added to the mix, where they successfully fashion fascinating ensembles to amuse a creative eye.

This living room dining room combo features a full wall of media storage. Custom-made cabinets build an expanse of contrasting white and wood finishes behind the TV and around toward the kitchen.

A simple beige living room rug defines the open plan lounge from an adjacent dining area. The light decor tones create an spacious and airy aesthetic despite the close proximity of the two different living areas. A huge window fills the room with natural sunlight.

A charcoal kitchen installation darkly contrasts with the rest of the light living room.

The deep window reveal is clad in wood grain panels to fashion a large window seat that runs the entire length of the room. Above the round  pedestal dining table, an elegant modern dining room pendant light visually anchors the open plan eating spot in place.

Wood effect wall panels warmly frame out the first bedroom too, where they form the base and headboard of floor bed design, and bridge the ceiling. An AIM pendant light descends upon a floating bedside cabinet that juts out of the wood panel wraparound. A ribbon of LED light glows from underneath the unit, giving it a weightless effect.

A soft grey platform bed, matching bedroom rug, and black headboard shade the second wood clad bedroom design.

The third bedroom is an all-white scheme with a just wisp of colour in the bedroom wall decor. Custom-made wardrobes and a bespoke headboard are each highlighted under a bright ribbon of LEDs.

The last bedroom returns to the warmth of wood tone, with a fully wood-clad headboard feature wall. Two modern wall sconces illuminate the grain.

In our second featured home design, a bespoke bookcase makes an illuminated focal point in a white living room. A glass coffee table reflects the glow.

A modern sofa floats in the centre of the layout like a white cloud.

An unusual tripod floor lamp glows like an abstract moon.

The flush-fitted bookcase and storage cabinets preserve the minimalist aesthetic of the home by tidying away clutter and maintaining utmost simplicity. White marble backing gives the custom bookshelves a touch of luxury.

A room divider neatly edges the TV wall at one side and the dining area at the other.

Underlit shelves add an atmospheric glow to the dining spot.

A larger, more formal dining room is uplifted with fresh green accent chairs and cheerful wall art.

Decorative vases adorn a floating shelf that protrudes from a small bank of custom wall cabinets.

This reposeful Japandi design is divided with sections of wood slatted panelling.

A flush-fitted wall of TV cabinets and shelving builds a beautiful balance of cool white and warm wood tone.

Pierre Jeanneret’s Kangaroo Chair serves as a Zaisu floor chair beside the coffee table.

A playful monkey sculpture table holds a selection of coffee table books.

Wood slatted doors make a modern take on the traditional Japanese Shōji screen door aesthetic.

Inside the minimalist bedroom, a recessed shelf runs the length of the headboard wall to replace the need for bedside tables–though a couple of items do make it down onto the floor bed platform.

We see a complete style switch inside the second bedroom of this home, where a neoclassical headboard feature is edged with decorative boiserie behind a modern upholstered bed.

A contemporary pendant light adds a dainty addition at one side, whilst a modern bedside table lamp illuminates the other.

In the next bedroom, a biscuit coloured platform bed and matching drapes add tonal interest to a white and pale grey decor scheme. Modern slatted panels and classic boiserie shape a chic focal wall.

In the kid’s room, elements of blush, blue, pistachio and raspberry colour a whimsical decor scheme.

Clouds drift across a kids wall mural, and a bunch of balloon lights take to the sky.

The minimalist modern living room inside our fourth featured home is a peaceful white and beige scene.

A bespoke bookcase is combined with a sliding slatted door to create a permeable design.

Custom media units call attention to the TV wall, which features a back-lit asymmetrical cut-through.

Chevron pattern runs through the beige living room rug, adding subtle interest to the neutral lounge. A unique lounge chair and chaise sofa design shape unusual silhouettes.

A contemporary bedroom chair adds sculptural interest to the master.

A floating bedside cabinet tags onto one edge of the asymmetrical headboard installation, whilst a small table serves the other side.

Fully-fitted bedroom furniture makes good use of wall space around this wood grain headboard design with recessed shelf nook.

Our final home tour is peppered with custom design and industrial style touches, including exposed concrete beams and columns.

Bespoke cabinets smooth out the TV wall, blending into clean white paintwork. A freeform cut of white marble partially covers a raw concrete column to create a luxurious counterbalance.

A slimline lounge chair reclines at the end of a double-sided sofa design.

Wall cabinets are creatively customised with curved cuts along the baseline, which seem to sweep theatrically into the hallway.

A curved headboard panel embraces the bed.

Curved cutouts shape a shelving unit and a unique room divider.

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