Panoramic City Skyline and More by Alphonso Dunn

  Russian designer Vlad Kissel, has created a wood pavilion in Moscow, Russia, that has a drop like shape that references early Slavonic aesthetics.   Curved planters filled with ornamental grasses and flowers wrap around the outside of the podium at the base of the pavilion. The exterior of the pavilion has a delicate pattern that’s […]

Panoramic city skyline is something this video presentation will show you how to draw. But, the author will give you more from his artistic and architects soul when you read his Facebook words: “Once you start learning the essential concepts, skills, and techniques of drawing you’re well on your way to better drawing of any subject, no matter what it is. Only then can you really draw from the imagination with ease, and you appreciate that drawing is a much a mental activity as it is a mechanical one. With a little patience and enough practice you’ll eventually have a more fulfilling artistic experience.”Panoramic City Skyline and More by Alphonso Dunn

Panoramic City Skyline Drawing Tutorial

The video bellow will show you the tricks of this technique and how you can draw city skyline as a panorama drawing.


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