Luxury Home With Infinity Pool in Mallorca, Spain [Video]

Located in Son Vida on the island of Mallorca, Spain, the Biniatro House is a 1200 square meter property that is blessed with breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea. Designed by Negre Studio, the 5 bedroom home is of the finest quality, made from earth-drawn materials that create harmony with the natural environment. A wide sun terrace offers outdoor social areas for family and friends. An infinity pool stretches towards the horizon. Inside the luxury home, rooms are decorated peacefully in tones of white, beige, and grey. Modern lighting makes the interior warmly come alive after dark, with stylish chandeliers and the soft glow of perimeter LEDs.

Architect: Juan Gabriel Valls Palmer  
Photographer: Arturo and Lauren  

The crisp white modern home exterior stands boldly on a steeply sloping plot, looking out to the sparkling blue sea. The 800 square meter plot has rustic Mediterranean charm, which softens the contemporary architecture.

A winding private road leads into a paved driveway at the front entrance of the home, and also to a parking garage on the left.

Raised beds make way for a modern landscape of hardy shrubs and trees. The beds are arranged as curvaceous freeform volumes, which cause a gently meandering pathway between them.

Wood slatted shutters interrupt the white façade. The wooden shutters filter out the direct sunlight to keep the interior cool. They also provide a level of privacy from the front driveway. A wide wooden front door pivots on its axis to grandly grant entry.

From inside the entryway, the wood-slatted shutters allow glimpses of lush greenery to be seen. A wide entryway shelf displays an elegant array of decorative items.

Upon crossing the threshold into the home, a wide panorama of the Mediterranean sea opens up from behind retractable glass doors. A glass-sided stairwell leaves the line of sight unobstructed.

Beyond the glass doors, a sun terrace forms around an inviting infinity pool, which stretches out toward the hilly horizon.

Outdoor sitting areas make the terrace into a sociable space, where the homeowner can entertain family and friends.

A large outdoor sofa draws around the edge of the paved terrace in an L-shaped formation. Two outdoor coffee tables provide landing spots for drinks and snacks.

Outdoor chaise lounge chair are positioned to catch the sunshine.

A glass balustrade draws along the edge of the raised terrace, providing safety whilst respecting the stunning panorama.

Small side tables are teamed with the outdoor chaise lounges to hold refreshments.

The interior decor scheme is a serene palette of white, beige, and gray throughout. Only the view provides color, in the shape of green trees and the cool blue sea.

A large sectional sofa makes a cozy L-shaped configuration around the beige living room. Two large ottomans complete the conversational arrangement.

Two glass coffee tables form the core of the living room layout.

A dark and textural focal wall is home to a modern fireplace and a log storage nook.

Modern art adds interest to plain white walls.

Coffee table books, candles, and decorative vases adorn the nesting coffee tables.

A pair of decorative vases make up the dining table centerpiece. A row of dining room pendant lights drop lustrous brass rings above.

Cream upholstered dining chairs seat eight around the modern wooden table.

Behind the dining area, an open plan gray kitchen unfolds. A black marble backsplash creates a striking focal point at the heart of the modern installation.

Contemporary artwork makes a large impact across the dining room wall, whilst the coastal view provides visual beauty around the remaining two walls.

Sunlight reflects upon the brass dining room pendant lights and across a glass fruit bowl on the table. See more inspiration for modern fruit bowls.

In the beige bedroom, a glass wall above the headboard allows natural light to pass through into an ensuite bathroom. It also shares the view.

A set of two bedroom pendant lights descend on each side of the bed, creating a layered effect.

Small bedside drawer units are situated beneath the pendants. Small vases, bowls and candles daintily decorate their surface.

Floor-to-ceiling glass doors slide away to give access to a spacious balcony area outside the bedroom.

Two outdoor chairs, matching stools, and a coffee table are held together on an outdoor rug to make a welcoming sitting area.

Scatter cushions and throws add extra comfort and warmth to the modern outdoor chairs.

The second bedroom design scheme is decorated similarly, with understated white walls and eye-catching bedroom pendant lights.

This time, a trio of glass pendants fall on elliptical bedside units.

The glass sided staircase in the entryway descends into an atmospherically lit floor. LED strips make a cozy glow around the perimeter, while attractive floor lamps make a small focal point in the corner.

As well as the outdoor infinity pool, there is an indoor swimming pool for use during cooler weather conditions.

Floating wall shelves display small decorative vases, candles and books.

Ribbons of LED light softly illuminate a set of wide steps behind three poolside chaise lounges.

At dusk, the sound of Mediterranean cicadas and warm mood lighting fills the home.

Outdoor areas become places for reflecting upon the day and sharing stories.

Candles flicker on the terrace as city lights shimmer below.

Friends and family gather in the outdoor living room to create conversation, celebration, and great memories.

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