Introducing Colour To A Base Of White Black & Wood Tone

An elegant dance of colourful accents has been choreographed through these four stylish home interiors, creating uplifting moments that are harmonious with a neutral stage. White and natural wood tone provide a clean modern base for brighter accents, whilst black elements instill weight and confidence. Modern furniture and contemporary textiles build layers of simple comfort that appear effortless and homey. Being realistically proportioned, this collection of home designs supply practical decor and layout inspiration for the standard home: Find welcoming living room designs with flair, inspiration for attractive room dividers, creative use of space in kitchen and dining areas, cosy bedroom ideas and striking compact bathroom designs.

Visualizer: Kyle Dickens  

Inspired by a real world apartment in St Petersburg Russia by Cartelle Design, this visualisation features the same beautifully tall ceilings and large windows that flood the original room with bright daylight. Also present are the Georgian coving and panel moulding, though a brighter and warmer colour palette changes the interior character of the space now.

A grey rug pools cooler colour under a rich brown leather sofa.

coffee mugs are set down on a reuleaux-triangle coffee table. Decorative vases, a coffee table book stack and a four wick candle accessorise the tabletop.

A geometric throw is draped casually over the tufted brown leather sofa. Scatter cushions add the cooling grey accent along with a flair of fun pattern. Blue and green tones swirl into the scheme through abstract wall art.

Wooden window shutters warmly break up a pale expanse of plain wall.

Panel molding adds neoclassical air to the space.

A black dining room pendant light throws stark contrast down the panel molded feature wall. Black picture frames complement the pendant’s dark finish. The wooden round dining table brings a softness to the ensemble.

Unique flatware and black napkins make a sharp table arrangement.

Designer: Dreamer Design Studio  
Visualizer: Catherine Amato  

Blue and green infusions are replaced by muted red clay accents in our second interior design. Scatter cushions and a matching throw splash colour onto a comfortable modern sofa.

Round coffee tables add a mixture of neutral tones to the heart of the lounge, which tie in perfectly with a piece of modern wall art above the couch.

A large ottoman makes the modern sofa into a flexible L-shaped arrangement, which can be shuffled over to make extra dining space when friends come around.

A long TV stand stretches the full width of the living room dining room combo, spreading a grey and timber accent as it goes.

Beautifully light reflective orb dining room pendant lights float like weightless bubbles above a small dining table with a simple glass vase centrepiece.

A sleek black linear suspension light strikes a more minimalist style aesthetic in the nearby kitchen.

A basic dining peninsula effectively divides the kitchen from the lounge.

White wall cabinets help the narrow galley kitchen to feel open and spacious.

Visualizer: Ewelina Białobrzewska  

A blast of bright yellow greets us in home number three. Unusual modern wall sconces add a palm fuelled tropical vibe.

A brown leather pouf makes a warm colour match with the modern lounge chair, which carries an easy deckchair silhouette. Blue artwork and a matching blue floor lamp put a summer sky above it.

The summery room is cooled by a large ceiling fan with light. A contemporary slatted room divider lets the breeze flow right through.

A built-in bookcase creates a second ventilated room divider behind the couch. indoor herb planters make a revitalising addition to the decor.

The custom bookcase allows the lounge, kitchen and dining area to feel interconnected whilst setting a clear boundary.

The wooden dining table is a slightly darker tone to the kitchen and the flooring, which gives it its own identity in the open space. A mature indoor plant fills the corner of the room with lush greenery.

Modern dining chairs have been picked out in a contrasting colourway, which breaks up the set and gives it a lighter look in the small space.

A U-shaped kitchen scoops up the remainder of the floor area.

Black kitchen hardware gives wooden cabinets a modern finish.

The slatted room divider causes light play into the hallway.

A small entryway seat tags a final bright yellow accent onto the hallway storage system, facing a decorative wall mirror. A large wall clock gives the homeowner a clear time check as they rush out the door.

Blush tones flow gently over the master bedroom, where a blush platform bed melds with a subtle pink headboard wall.

A beautifully deep wood grain bedside table and woven wardrobe doors make natural companions for a stretch of green palm wallpaper.

Three bathroom vanity lights dot down one side of a racetrack bathroom mirror, like a modern take on the old Hollywood makeup mirror.

Visualizer: Butterfly Studio  

Last up, this welcoming family home has a country cottage appeal, with oodles of bare timber, wicker and robust textiles. A once featureless wall has been upgraded with panel molding and chic modern wall sconces.

In the absence of a traditional fireplace, the family dog snuggles on a pet mat next to a modern media unit instead.

The wooden simplicity of the TV cabinet translates into a custom bookcase, which serves as a room divider between the kitchen and lounge.

Large wicker dining pendant lights almost touch over the table.

Around the back of the living room TV wall, the media cabinet transforms into hallway closets.

A step stool makes a practical kitchen accessory, and this one doubles as a plant stand too.

Black wall cabinets make a brave statement across the light wood one wall kitchen.

Unique bedroom pendant lights flank an oatmeal master bed.

Subtle botanical wallpaper makes a dreamy backdrop.

Small, but oh so stylish. This tiny bathroom is covered top to toe in striking tiles, and ramps up the luxe with a gold faucet and fixtures.

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