Eclectic Apartment Interiors With Serious Workspaces

Eclecticism in home design allows us to combine our favorite styles, to create a place that is as individual as our personality. A love for modern furniture design can sit right alongside traditional family heirlooms and second-hand finds. In an eclectic color palette, anything goes. Brights meet pastel shades, and contrasting patterns pop up in random spots. In the two eclectic apartment interiors we feature here, we’ll find an array of inspirational interior ideas along with some serious home workspaces. Home number one is a studio apartment that dedicates prime floor space to a collaborative home office design. In apartment number two, an elegant living room is disrupted by a commanding workspace with a sharp, no-nonsense aesthetic.

Visualizer: Polina Kazakova  

This 57-square-meter eclectic studio apartment is located in London, Great Britain. Thanks to extremely high ceilings, the young homeowners were able to include a raised level to house their bedroom. This made space to include a home office in the main room.

The apartment is packed with personality and individual style. Bright and breezy colorful accents give the apartment a cheerful springtime feel all year round.

Leading from the entryway, an exposed concrete wall builds a cool industrial vibe. Once in the lounge area, the aesthetic takes on a boho slant with natural wood, wicker, and cane elements.

Paintings casually lean up against the staircase that leads to the mezzanine bedroom. The staircase design is knocked into the background under a white paneled treatment, though sharply pronounced treads and a fine black banister create definition.

The mezzanine construction stops short of the enormous window so as not to obstruct a drop of light. A row of white kitchen units tucks underneath the mezzanine to form a narrow cooking space. A wooden sink unit adds a warm, traditional element to the crisp, modern kitchen installation.

A wicker chair stands opposite the modern sofa to fashion a cozy, conversational sitting area. A black side table helps to anchor the small chair in the open-plan layout.

A plethora of lush ​​indoor plants cultivates a homey feel. A narrow, tubular fireplace warms the room without eating up a large chunk of precious floor space.

The home office design includes a large table that promotes collaboration. If needed, the table can be repurposed as a formal dining table. Built-in storage units hide away all of the necessary office supplies and equipment under muted yellow ochre doors.

Contrasting coffee tables create an eclectic boho pairing in the center of the room.

The homeowners have skipped on a living room rug, which keeps the area looking more like a professional workspace if clients should call in.

A modern chandelier adds an interesting decorative element to the home workspace.

Two kitchen bar stools tuck underneath the window sill to create a small eating area with a pleasant view. Blue curtains match the skyscape.

A pink, floral panel makes an uplifting kitchen backsplash.

Visualizer: Tatyana Shevchenko  

An eye-catching living room rug lays the foundation for our second eclectic living space. A pale pink sofa skirts the edge of the rug design, bringing out its pink, floral pattern.

The arched arms of a modern pendant light complement the round coffee table.

The modern home workspace detours from the delicate living room aesthetic. A bold black desk cuts sharply across the white room, building a commanding, no-nonsense presence.

In the home entryway, a unique sculptural chair makes a lasting first impression.

A coat stand flanks each side of a grand double doorway.

An assortment of wood and upholstered dining chairs surround an oval dining table to achieve a relaxed, eclectic look.

Above the table, fish swim around a fun dining room chandelier design. A green dining room rug complements a naturalistic wallcovering that depicts tropical birds and treetops.

The corner of the dining room is inhabited by a cute polar bear figurine, which adds a sense of whimsy.

The kitchen is a stunning, light-filled space. A unique kitchen island is teamed with two small sputnik chandeliers to make an attention-grabbing combo.

Sage green kitchen cabinets and a matching extractor hood give the room a soothing colorway.

In the kids’ bedroom, two boho-style cane bedsteads are separated by a small nightstand. A wall sconce provides reading light over each one. Wall-mounted stuffed animal heads add a playful decorative element. See more inspiration for shared kids’ rooms.

Two kids’ desks are placed in the center of the remaining floor area. This unusual layout leaves space to install fitted wardrobes along the last available wall.

A large kids’ rug stretches from the twin beds to the kids’ workspace to achieve one cohesive aesthetic.

A huge lama watches over homework sessions.

The second kids’ room matches the dining room aesthetic with a whimsical wallcovering design of birds in their natural habitat.

A moss green upholstered desk chair softly complements a wooden desk.

Inside the WC, a traditional corner sink is teamed with a contemporary wall-mounted bathroom trash can.

The whimsical bird wallcovering continues in the WC. The densely patterned paper gives the tiny room a huge dose of personality.

In the master bathroom, we find another traditional and modern mix.

Patterned floor tiles lay down a glorious array of colors.

A clawfoot bathtub sets a romantic vibe.

The final bathroom features a marble-topped pedestal sink and matching side units.

A wall-mounted bathroom faucet adds a brass sheen.

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