Drawing Complex Forms and Two Point Perspective Stairs

Huge windows and patios in this concrete house in Tel Aviv shed natural light across the interior while also allowing the family full views of the surrounding garden. The Suspended Patio House is located in a quiet neighbourhood of the Israeli city, and was designed by Ramat Gan-based 3322 Studio as a space for the founders' own family.

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Drawing complex forms in two point perspective is what the professionals do when they would like to offer better drawing. The way the potential investors see the drawings is they get more involved inside. Seems unbelievable, but that’s the truth! Every free art lover is more impressed by those images presenting the scene more vivid. We all found ourselves deep inside the image when we carefully observe it. No matter the theme! And when it comes to architecture, construction and investors, this two point perspective is number one!Drawing Complex Forms and Two Point Perspective Stairs

Drawing Complex Forms and Stairs in Two Point Perspective

Ready to see the way the stairs are presented by two point perspective? Watch and learn!


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