Content Architecture furnishes Paloma nail salon in Texas with comfy blue chairs and brass details

Customers of this nail salon in Houston are pampered in large blue armchairs raised on platforms, within a bright space that also features ombre wallpaper.

The interior for the Paloma nail bar was completed by local firm Content Architecture, which designed the space in response to the client’s slogan “Escape to Beautiful”.

Paloma by AfterAll Studio

“Natural materials and textures combine with refined accents to create an atmosphere that prioritises both a healthy escape and a luxurious experience,” said the studio.

Paloma by AfterAll Studio

Customers arrive from the street into a reception area, naturally illuminated by the large glazed shop frontage.

Coloured polishes are displayed on shelves in the almost entirely white space, which also has wooden benches to form a waiting area.

Paloma by AfterAll Studio

A “veil” of white-painted wooden dowels and brass bars separates the treatment space towards the back. In this long narrow room, a row of blue armchairs runs along one side – raised on a low platform topped with pale timber.

Paloma by AfterAll Studio

These seats for pedicures are accompanied by dark wood tables and stools, brass lamps, and black bowls for cleaning feet. Plants add a touch of greenery on a shelf behind.

Paloma by AfterAll Studio

Pairs of the same armchairs face each on the other side of the room, so patrons can chat to each other during treatments.

“These platforms provide unique orientations to focal points within the room while also offering conversational opportunities at facing chairs,” said Content Architecture.

Paloma by AfterAll Studio

At the back, small tables are set up for manicures, with wallpaper that blends from blue to peach to light blue behind. These colours echo the branding for the salon, created by Portland-based AfterAll Studio.

Paloma – which uses non-toxic products – received a 2017 AIA Houston Design Award, and a second location is due to open soon. Other nail bars with interesting interiors in the US include a minimalist salon in Los Angeles.

Photography is by Benjamin Hill.

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