Colouring Fun Vibes With Orange Accent Decor

Orange is not a subtle colour. Orange brings heat and vibrancy to the dullest of interior spaces and is often best used in moderation. With that said, the brave and the bold will reap the reward of fashioning larger colour saturated volumes when balanced by softer surroundings. Solid orange accents add fun vibes to these three striking home designs, from unique colour-blocked kitchens and hallway storage closets to a welcoming bright orange entryway and two tonal orange bedroom decor schemes. We’ll also find design inspiration for a colourful and creative kid’s room, an orange accented music room, and a stylish home workspace with an abstract shelving wall.

Designer: DVEKATI  
Photographer: Vasiliy Khurtin  

An entire volume of orange kitchen cabinets and a colour-blocked surround create a colour saturated feature inside our first home. A cream and blue accent rug provides light contrast in the adjoining dining zone.

A hand-painted vase provides a colourful table centrepiece beneath a simple silver dining pendant light. The deep window sill has been reimagined as a cosy window seat with novelty cushions.

A small lounge area ends of the compact living space. An indoor plant makes a textural addition beside a plain grey modern sofa. A small potted cactus is displayed higher up on a green colour-blocked corner shelf.

The orange kitchen is part of an isolated cube module within the apartment floor plan.

A wooden step stool allows the youngest members of the household to help out. The orange kitchen is a bright and attractive visual that attracts attention and ignites young imaginations.

Sleek handle-free drawers and cabinets conceal oodles of storage space within the orange “cube”.

When at rest, the orange cube is a solid, composed volume.

A split floor treatment creates visual zoning between the main living space and the hallways to the home entry, bathroom and kids’ bedroom.

A couple of understated concrete planters provide homes for a little greenery in the orange kitchen design.

The parental bedroom is situated just off the kitchen and dining areas. The bedroom provides extra play space for the little ones before bedtime rolls around.

A blue bedroom decor scheme makes cool contrast with the hot orange kitchen area, but ties in with the blue dining room rug.

The side of the orange module is an extension of the kitchen itself, with added food storage units and a smoothly integrated fridge-freezer.

More storage spaces tuck into the opposite side of the kitchen cube.

Inside the blue bedroom that serves as the master, a unique furry bedcover looks alive. A modern wall sconce illuminates one mismatched bedside table, whilst a coordinating orb pendant light brightens the other. See more inspiration for bedroom pendant lights here.

Geometric pattern makes a three-dimensional effect across the headboard.

The bed doubles as a trampoline for the kids when mum and dad aren’t watching.

In the kids’ room, a high sleeper makes more room for fun. A bear-themed round rug brings a friendly face to the kids’ play area, whilst a foldable foam mat doubles as a pouf.

A combo of bold colours makes a kid friendly design.

Designer: Anastasiia Balobanova  

Our second orange infused home design is a more sophisticated space with linear modern furniture and black accent pieces.

The studio apartment features a glass walled bedroom nook, which lets in unobstructed natural light from the living room window. A pure white bed set blends with crisp white walls so that the sleeping area all but disappears from plain sight.

In contrast, a solid, bright orange entryway loudly demands attention.

Opposite the lounge area, a one wall kitchen spreads a bright orange accent that fills the apartment with uplifting energy. A black kitchen island and matching black bar stools provide stark contradiction against the burst of vibrant colour.

Hanging plants overflow an underlit kitchen shelf, which rains bright illumination down over a luxe white marble backsplash and coordinating countertop.

A black framed mirror breaks the expanse of orange in the short hallway that leads to the home entry door.

A small bedside table is built into the side of the sleeping book for setting down a glass of water and storing a few good books and a nightlight.

Inside the bathroom, the orange accent colour moves to the ceiling.

A floor-to-ceiling mirror reflects the orange accents from behind a modern pedestal sink.

Visualizer: Between The Walls  

Our final design features an irresistible orange hanging chair, which is sure to be the most loved spot in the home.

Linear dining room pendant lights group above the table, creating a cool square arrangement. Orange wall art and matching seat cushions make a colourfully coordinated ensemble.

A square coffee table ties in with the dining room light installation.

Square modern wall sconces light the balcony, where orange outdoor chairs continue the fun, colourful vibe.

Sliding glass doors create a feeling of constant connection and light.

The glass doors lead to a well-equipped music room. Orange wall units heat up a grey and white decor scheme.

Double workspaces provide opportunity for creative collaboration.

In the bedroom, a slightly muted shade of orange dresses the upholstered bed and paints a statement wall.

Indoor plants grow contrasting greenery.

A clean white pouf pulls up to a jet black console unit, where orange art steals the spotlight.

The final bedroom features a home workspace with a creative abstract shelving wall.

A black and white chevron rug makes playful contrast with a cushioned orange bedstead.

Fresh white walls allow the bolder accents in the room space to breathe.

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