AutoCAD team is Teasing the Customers with Clues

If you are following AutoCAD Facebook page or Twitter account, you see that the marketing team is posting some clues in the last few days. There is no description of the picture. But they are supposed to be clues. All the pictures have date stamp: 3.22.2018. As the date is still a few days away, then they are supposed to be clues for what will happen on March 22, 2018.

Here are the pictures AutoCAD team posted. Can you guess what will happen on 3.22.2018?

On March 12 they posted:

On March 13:

On March 14:

On March 15:

On March 16:

On March 17:

On March 18:

And finally on March 19, confirms that AutoCAD team will announce “something special”.

So what do you think it will be?

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