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Blending Home and Work Space Design Inspiration

October 8, 2018 HD Staff 0

When one thinks about his or her workplace, rarely does it conjure images of comfort or feeling right at home. However, for TKSTYLE BOUTIQUE, their offices in China are a perfect example of how adding a touch of home can make for a more productive and welcoming work environment. While not a true home/office combination, […]

Product Of The Week: Beautiful Air Plant Holders

October 7, 2018 HD Staff 0

With the right base, air plants can look like art installations. Check out these three awesome ones we found. Get it on Amazon. Recommended Reading:  50 Unique Self Watering Planters For Sale Online 50 Unique Animal Planters To Help You Bring Nature Indoors 30 Unique Hanging Planters To Help You Go Green

A House Of Many Layers

October 5, 2018 HD Staff 0

This is a home of many layers – not only in terms of having multiple floors, but also in terms of style and a couple of hidden surprises. Designed by Deco Design & Guan Pin, there are an array of evoked atmospheres at play here. There is a cooly understated reception room downstairs to receive […]

Color in Compact Apartments Blends Personality & Minimalism

October 4, 2018 HD Staff 0

In minimalist apartments that are short on space, it’s important to add personality to keep the living areas from feeling too stark. In these two apartments, pops of color make for eclectic living spaces that offer utility and style in a small package. Designed and visualized by Polish firm Zarysy, this first apartment in the […]

Overcoming A Dark Apartment With Ingenious Lighting Schemes

October 3, 2018 HD Staff 0

An ingenious interior design was required to please the bright outlook of a young couple located in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. Their 115 square metre apartment was lacking in natural light due to its long layout, plunging the back of the home into shade. Designers at Dezest met the challenge with a range of […]

Studio Apartment With Glass Wall Bedroom & A Swing In The Lounge

October 2, 2018 HD Staff 0

There are swing seats, and then there are seats that are a swing – it’s a subtle but clear difference that you’ll see illustrated in this quietly quirky 65 sq. m studio apartment located in Minsk, Belarus. Being of studio status, it has the completely open floor plan you’d expect, where you could just about […]

A Home That Uses Reflective Surfaces To Increase The Sense Of Space

September 28, 2018 HD Staff 0

Mirrors are often used to increase the sense of space and light in a room, but what other ways can we introduce reflective surfaces within a decor scheme? This modern apartment interior in Kyiv, Ukraine, designed by One M2, has a few different ideas on the subject. Smoked glass tops, doors and closets, glossy kitchen […]

Cross Shaped Modern Home In Peaceful Landscaped Gardens

September 27, 2018 HD Staff 0

Modern architecture is often characterised by its bold linear form, and that is what awaits us at this contemporary abode, created by architects at SPASM Design in India. The solid structure stands firm like a fortress at the centre of a green landscape, guarding beautiful secrets that lie within. Dhrangadhra stone clads the modern exterior […]