Vivian Wong Recommends Art Equipment

This is a fairly simple wheel with a center tube for an axle/pole, a rim, and 6 holes. You can create a 3D wheel like this entirely with cylinders! Watch this 9-minute video tutorial and follow along to create it from scratch yourself.

You’ll learn how to:

Create cylinders: Cylinders are an obvious choice for [...]

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Vivian Wong, an artist recommends the tools and the equipment that she uses when she makes her art works. They are presented through a very fun video. She starts with the basics, the colouring pencils which are very durable. Next, she tells about another basic tool, the pencils. Another things that she uses are: black pens with different tips, colour gel pens, sketch markers for doodles, coloured markers, erasers, watercolour paint, paint brushes, sketchbooks, and many more tools.Vivian Wong Recommends Art Equipment

Vivian Wong Recommends Art Equipment

If you liked the choice of the tools of this artist, see the video below, and write down the brands of the tools.


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