Staircase Structural Design Plan on a Paper or Computer

Dezeen has teamed up with Laurence King Publishing to give away five copies of Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models – a book presenting 14 kirigami designs based on some of the architect's most popular buildings. London-based Laurence King produced the new book with kirigami paper artist and Wright enthusiast Marc Hagan-Guirey – aka Paper Dandy.

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Staircase structural plan will offer the construction workers all info’s about their work. The staircase should connect the floors of the building making safe access to the levels. The procedure of building the stairs is huge as we have said many times before. The process of measuring and calculating is huge and the construction needs a lot of time. The structural design with all needed measurements needs quality engineers and construction workers who knows how to read it and implement it to their’s work. staircase structural

Staircase Structural Design Plan

See more from the images bellow. The computer presentation and hand drawings are making this all possible and understandable for the constructors. Take a look!

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