Stair Construction Instructions from Architects

Love the natural look, but crave the fine, polished aesthetic of an inner-city apartment? My, have we got an interior for you. This dark and dreamy interior combines rough rocks with polished wood, black slats and high-sheen acrylic, as designed by One Work and photographed by Hey!Cheese Photography. Watch TV against a rock face, looking […]

Stair that is cleverly designed is always an important element in the home. Unfortunately, their construction is not an easy task. Beforehand, you should make precise calculations and measurements. Steps should be very strong and safe, thus the materials and the way of building them are carefully picked. There are generally accepted dimensions for the steps, both the horizontal and the vertical part of it. They are the best and most comfortable dimension. Also, any withdraws can make the steps dangerous and harder to climb.Stair Construction Instructions from Architects

Stair Construction Instructions from Architects

Lastly, see the different types and designs on the pictures below. Afterwards click the link for more details.


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