Simplify the Drawing with One-Point Perspective

This is a room for a continuous video projection, for the documentation of a monumental but fragile installation made by Christian Boltanski in the Atacama Desert. With two concentric cylinders and two tunnel-like extensions, this sculptural piece is meant to erode its own figure in order to re-enact an inner landscape. It is a dimly lit, opaque and seamless chamber, rough enough so as to evoke the original distant place where the installation was recorded.

Simplify your style and make the drawing less complicated and long. Of course, drawing should not be only simple and plain. In addition, you can see an example and tutorial for drawing a room using an one-point perspective. In addition, when we use a one-point perspective, we should chose one dot, which will be the center of the picture. The Artist draws this room in a bird perspective, we see it from above. All of the elements are clear and can be fitted easily in the space.Simplify the Drawing with One-Point Perspective

Simplify the Drawing with One-Point Perspective

See the tutorial below, so you can see how the artist draws the room.


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