Quantities of Concrete Blocks

Quantities of the concrete blocks are calculated with mathematical formulas. The architects should draw and make the calculations. For example, if the total volume of the wall is v=10x3x0.1152=4.56 square meters. Then, the volume of the block will be 0.152×0.405×0.2=0.012312 square meters. Next, the volume of one block with mortar will be calculated: v=0.152×0.43×0.225=0.014706 square meters. Finally, the number of blocks equals the total volume of the wall/volume of blocks (=4.56/0.014706; =310 Nos).Quantities of Concrete Blocks

Quantities of Concrete Blocks

If you need to calculate the quantity of concrete blocks, follow the instructions and the formulas. Also, watch the video and the tutorial will clarify the process.


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