Mistakes in Architecture and Construction You Would Laugh At

The whimsical monochrome interior of this Montreal residence, overhauled by Canadian architect Jean Verville, creates optical illusions for its residents to enjoy as they move through the space. Called IN 2, the 100-square-metre project entailed transforming the interiors of a 1950s urban cottage in the city's Villeray neighbourhood. It was commissioned by a couple who

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Mistakes happen all the time. In the school, in the work, in life in general! It is good to make mistake and to learn from it…so as the old people say. But, there are certain error that happen in the architecture and construction, especially, which can be also fatal. But, here we are seeing some errors which are more like drop outs of the project than huge problems that may lead to something more serious. mistakes in architecture

Mistakes in Architecture

The images bellow are showing some funny situations in architecture where people are making so confusing decisions about the construction. See it and be prepared to put a smile on your face!

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