Library Projects Offering Very Useful Solutions About This Purpose

US studio Office III has constructed a visitors' centre for Governors Island in New York City using marine-grade plywood and cedar decking. The pavilion is the first-ever welcome centre for Governors Island, and was added to help tourists better navigate the small island in the city's harbour. It lies just 800 yards (732 metres) from Manhattan's southern-most tip, and

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Library projects presented bellow are really great solutions about this type of a construction. There are several ways of making all needed and included to the project. Actually the space for a library needs special terms under which the books should be stored. So, according to these standards the construction should be done. There are special space and light needed for the reading rooms and cabinets.  library projects

Library Projects

Actually, following some basic standards would give the final result for the construction. The rest is mixing the idea and the specific conditions. Here are several smart solutions.

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