Impact of the Sun and its Movement as the Natural Heat and Light

US studio Office III has constructed a visitors' centre for Governors Island in New York City using marine-grade plywood and cedar decking. The pavilion is the first-ever welcome centre for Governors Island, and was added to help tourists better navigate the small island in the city's harbour. It lies just 800 yards (732 metres) from Manhattan's southern-most tip, and

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Impact of the Sun is huge and it was discovered many centuries ago. Ever since the ancient times people are discussing and proving the huge importance of the building orientation using the natural heat- the Sun. Actually as much as the heat is important, so as the light. The well enlighten space is good and positive space that your home can offer. impact of the sun

Impact of the Sun in Building Orientation

So, the building orientation should follow the Sun as the main guideline as the winds, climate conditions of the area and so. See the images and see what the architects are facing with during they plan the building.


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