Eco-Solar Tiles for Warm Home

It is unusual for garden equipments to make it to our weekly feature. But the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller is one device which we think warrants an exception. It uses information from multiple sources like weather forecasts, nature of your soil and plant types, sun exposure, etc. to create an intelligent watering schedule that saves […]

Eco-solar tiles are good for the environment and good for the nature. Also, they will be an investment that will save you a lot of money from the family budget. This projects give many benefits, because you will have hot water in the house all the time, you can have heating from it and etc. The expenses for the electricity bills will be significantly lower. Most importantly, you will have your part is saving the only home that we have, our planet. With the help of the nature and a little bit of technology and science, everything can be achieved.Eco-Solar Tiles for Warm Home

Eco-Solar Tiles for Warm Home

Enjoy the pictures and open the link to learn how to install the tiles at home.


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