Demo Presentation of Spiral Stair Geometry Calculator

Riksbyggen and Sweco Architects were announced as the winners of a government-led competition to create a cross-laminated timber framed housing development for the Johanneberg district of Gothenburg, Sweden. The proposal, called “Slå rot” (Swedish for “put down roots”), was chosen for its response to its existing environment with nods to tradition, while still providing an innovative structural system and modern living to the neighborhood.

Demo presentation of an online construction calculator you may find very useful. Especially if you are faced with computing spiral stair geometry. This calculation can be made on the basis of the several factors:

Total Rise 8′- 4″
17 Rises of 5~7/8″
16 Runs (treads) at 6~9/32″ inner ~ 13~19/32″ outer
Outside Diameter 13′
Stair Angle Inner 43.1° ~ Outer 23.4° 160°
Inner Stringer Length 11′- 5~23/32″ from top of first rise to upper floor
Outer Stringer Length 19′- 9~9/32″ from top of first rise to upper floor
Tread Depth 12″ from inner 8~13/32″
Angle at 12″ from inner 35.1°
Handrail Radius Inner 5′- 7~9/16″ Outer 7′- 8~9/16″

demo calculation

Demo Presentation and the Needed Dimensions for Calculation

This calculation needs the following dimensions: inside diameter, outside diameter, number of steps, the height of the stairs, the density of the steps, the rotation angle of the stairs. Check it out!


 here is the presentation.

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