Categories of Hydraulics Installations

Introductory details and simple instructions are always welcomed when you are an amateur or a beginner. Hence, when you plan to build or to renovate your staircases, you should pay attention to these pictures....

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Categories of hydraulic installations are more than we all know and assume. It is not only the PVC pipes when we speak of civil construction. The hydraulics installations deserve much more attention. The characteristics that the PVC is not owning, can be complemented with other materials which have the diverse characteristics. Depending of the projects, you have the freedom to choose the correct category of installation. For example, for the water line (hot and cold) you can choose between: PVC, PEX, Cooper, PPR or CPVC.
Categories of Hydraulics Installations

Categories of Hydraulics Installations

You can read the details and the special features of the installations in the link underneath.


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