A Bright Teal Interior Full Of Circles Draws Your Eye Into This Mexican Gelato Shop

Proven to be tied to the areas of the brain responsible for emotion and memory, smells are more tied to a perception of place than any other human sense. And there are few sensations more powerful than the smell of delicious food wafting in from your own kitchen. In that regard, kitchens are the true heart of the home, the space most closely related to joyfulness, childhood, and family.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite kitchens that also double as dining rooms – spaces where you can bake your cake and eat it too. Each different in material and arrangement, these kitchens all share one thing in common: We can’t seem to shake them from our memory. Check out the list below!

Esrawe + Cadena have designed Gelatoscopio, an fun and brightly colored modern gelato shop in Mexico, that features a curved teal blue interior, and is open to the outdoors.

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